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What's my Password Again?

We’ve all been there, ready to login and get to work on a server only to realize you don’t know the password. The only reset relief is in the brain of your IT guy, who just happened to pick this moment to go on a Bora Bora vacation. You’re stuck.

Documentation of a network is critical to business operations and disaster recovery. I’m sure you can imagine the headache and cost of having to rebuild all or some of your network after a major outage without comprehensive documentation. It’s true what they say, you can’t go home again and you’ll never be able to rebuild a network exactly the way it was before.

A centralized network documentation system is a live-saver. You have all the information you need in one place, easy for you to access without having to call every member of your IT department. A centralized system also makes things easier when you need to branch out and have IT consultants perform work for you; they can see all the moving parts understand your system’s unique architecture so they won’t step on any land mines while working. Be the master of your own IT domain!

So, where do you start with a centralized documentation system? Coming soon in 2017 from Mannassi IT Solutions is Documentation as a Service. Providing you with a secure, encrypted, cloud based repository for all your documentation, passwords, and diagrams. Never get locked out again!

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