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Keeping Your Tech Flexible: the Benefits of IT Consultancy

In this day & age of ever changing technology, the ability of your in-house IT department to keep up is getting more & more difficult. Businesses are always wanting their IT department to do more with less, while the tech team is stretched thin as it is!

One way to achieve the “more for less” goal is to work with an IT consultant. A consultant can come in to address specific projects, or the can help pick up the overflow during peak periods of activity. Projects can be delivered at a fixed price, with a defined scope of work so that there are no surprises, & the biggest advantage is that you get your project completed on time & on budget, keeping your executives happy.

In 2013, Forbes commissioned a report on the results & pay structure of outside consultants. Some interesting findings; including that 60% of respondents said that an outcome based results model with fixed fee pricing is more effective for their businesses. You can read the complete report online.

Another way to look at using IT consultants: why pay a fulltime network tech what could be $80k to $100k a year plus benefits to be busy only part of the time? You can have a tech on demand with an IT consultant, & save big while still meeting all your tech needs.

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