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Keeping an Eye Out

Video surveillance may now common place in just about every part of the world, but for the longest time the technology never managed to keep up with the rest of the tech world. The cameras were big and bulky with low resolution images, connected via co-ax cable all leading back to some box in a closet that was forgotten, abused, and generally abandoned. When it came time to view the recording because of an incident, it was often discovered that some or all the cameras had stopped working a long time ago, and effectively the cameras had become nothing more than visual deterrent and the box a paper weight. Even when the cameras did work, when thieves broke in what was the first thing they stole or destroyed? That old box with the security camera’s recordings.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and cameras have flourished. New equipment is small, sleek, high definition, connected over a network via CAT6 cable or wireless, and most importantly, their recordings are now stored in the cloud. Security footage is now kept for years as opposed to the ancient days or weeks, and now also can also be sent directly to law enforcement. No bypassing the security cams by trashing the tapes nowadays!

The biggest bonus of the advancement in video tech? What used to cost a pretty penny to set up can now be achieved with a much more reasonable financial investment. Or bypass all the legwork entirely and go for a Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution. For one monthly fee get cameras, software, cloud storage, and support without the headache of monitoring it yourself.

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