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Service with a Smile
Charles M. Schulz

Charles M. Schulz

Over the 20 plus years we have been in business what stands out as a critical component to maintaining a successful company is the quality of the customer service. Much of our new business comes from customer referral, our current customers know we get the job done so they’re happy to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

So what’s the secret to our high referral rate? Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say. We always strive to deliver a personable, friendly, and understandable environment to our customers. Positive feedback from customers is a highlight of our day, and an added bonus to owning a small business. When a customer takes the time out of their day to send an email praising one of our techs for their knowledge and positive attitude it always puts a big smile on our faces, especially since many service calls are regarding something not working.  

This “service with a smile” goes hand in hand with our mission to provide customized solutions to our customers. While many companies lean more toward a “one size fits all approach” we pride ourselves on being able to match the specific needs of each of our diverse clients. Small and medium sized businesses especially have a wide variety of technology needs, and we really feel that a friendly face sitting across the table listening to their specific needs and challenges makes all the difference in transforming a prospect into a customer.

To that end, here are our four customer service mantras.

  1. Being proactive: We strive to get that quote, that proposal, that bit of needed information to the customer before they have to reach out to us.
  2. Making personal connections: In this day of unbelievable technology, it is very easy to rely on email, texting, or forms of social media to communicate. We understand that all of these venues are necessary, and even preferable at times. However, we don’t want to be a phantom company at the end of an email. We still value that good old-fashioned human interaction.
  3. Working the ears and resting the mouth: When you have an issue we want to be like Lucy in that old Peanuts cartoon, and listen. Rather than anticipate your concerns, we’d rather listen fully and then look for a solution to the problem.
  4. Practicing our guiding principle:  We want to put ourselves in your chair and treat you the way we would want to be treated. You are choosing to give us your business, and that is a choice we don’t take lightly. To us, service with a smile is more than just a marketing phrase, it’s our commitment.


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Roundup: Inspiration for Building Your Business.

We’re spending the early part of this week at Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Summit in Washington DC. On the program are sessions from business leaders from every industry, and we’ve been franticly writing down all the words of wisdom all day. Here’s three golden nuggets of advice we’re loving from Sara Blakely, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett.

1: Keep the fire alive.

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, talked about keeping your passion for your business alive by outsources the mundane tasks if you can. Not a fan of Quickbooks? Hire a bookkeeper. Don’t know which way is up when it comes to business tech? Hire a managed service provider. Don’t smother your fire by weighing yourself down with tasks you dislike or find boring. There’s no shame in asking for assistance when you need it! 

2: It’s all about the little things.

Richard Branson, in addition to being Mannassi IT Solutions’ President’s former boss, is a stickler for the details. After more than 35 years of Virgin Atlantic flights he still takes the time to stop and chat with passengers. Building lasting customer relationships thrives on that human connection, and people really notice when you’re prepared to go that extra mile!

3: Focus on what you can do, not what you’re missing.

Warren Buffett is an icon in the business world. His advice today? Don’t obsess over the things you can’t change. There will always be things out of your control, try not to get too caught up in them. Instead focus your energy on things you can do something about. Namely, your customer and the service you can provide them. People are always looking for connection, and they’ll remember you and your business for their experience with you.

Were you at the 10k Small Business Summit this week? What pearls of wisdom did you walk away with? We’ve been tweeting some of our insights from DC, follow us @MannassiIT.

Naughty and Nice

We are currently attending the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in support of one of our clients, Penthouse Global Media. Online adult entertainment has been around since the earliest days of the internet, and while some still consider it the seedy side of the web, the reality is that online adult entertainment is a booming and profitable industry.

The technology required to run, maintain, and secure these sites is some of the most powerful and complicated around.  Massive server farms, content delivery networks, rendering applications, and enormous amounts of bandwidth are required to deliver a quality product on a daily basis.  With the constant demand for higher definition video, virtual reality, and instant delivery, today’s technology is pushed to its limits. Watching the end product may be culturally frowned upon, but the tech powering it is second to none. Businesses can learn a lot from how these complicated tools work together to deliver the sought-after streamlined user experience. There’s always something to be learned from a big business model, even in the most unlikely of places!

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2017 Wrap Up: 5 Tips to End the Year Right!

With the year winding down it’s a good time to double check to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row for 2018. Here are five tips for loose ends to tie up before the ball drops.

  1. Brush up on the numbers! Contact your CPA and have them run the numbers. This helps you to see if you need to do some last-minute purchases in order to reduce your taxes.
  2. Upgrade under the wire! If you’ve considered upgrading your computer or network equipment, check with your accounting department to see whether purchasing (Capex, aka capital expense) or leasing (Opex, aka operational expense) will save you the most money.
  3. Shop til you drop! The end of the year is a perfect time to purchase, as most vendors are trying to wrap up their end of year sales. Be on the lookout for special end of year deals and grab that tech you’ve been eyeing.
  4. Clean house! Have you been holding on to old equipment “just in-case”? Now is the time to donate! Make your charitable donations before the new year so you can use the deduction on this year’s taxes.
  5. Budget now, play later! Start making a list for your 2018 budget, it may seem like not a lot of fun, but the new year is only a couple of weeks away.

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