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The IT Elves are at Work!

We all look forward to the holidays and with them the chance to take some days off and relax. This time of year, however, can be a busy time for IT departments. While your staff is at home with their families & their favorite Netflix shows it’s the perfect time for your IT crew to perform upgrades and maintenance with the least inconvenience to you and your workforce!

Another bonus of the holiday quiet time is that often IT budgets are closed on December 31st so it can be a good time to use those remaining dollars on needed upgrades. Plus, with fewer staff in the office the more mundane tech tasks—from inventory to asset management to the exceptionally dull task of documentation—can be addressed with minimal interruptions

Have a thought for you IT crew this holiday season, maybe gift them an extra energy drink or two, because while you’re at home watching Die Hard (the best Christmas movie ever), they’re hard at work building you a better IT network!

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Keeping Your Tech Flexible: the Benefits of IT Consultancy

In this day & age of ever changing technology, the ability of your in-house IT department to keep up is getting more & more difficult. Businesses are always wanting their IT department to do more with less, while the tech team is stretched thin as it is!

One way to achieve the “more for less” goal is to work with an IT consultant. A consultant can come in to address specific projects, or the can help pick up the overflow during peak periods of activity. Projects can be delivered at a fixed price, with a defined scope of work so that there are no surprises, & the biggest advantage is that you get your project completed on time & on budget, keeping your executives happy.

In 2013, Forbes commissioned a report on the results & pay structure of outside consultants. Some interesting findings; including that 60% of respondents said that an outcome based results model with fixed fee pricing is more effective for their businesses. You can read the complete report online.

Another way to look at using IT consultants: why pay a fulltime network tech what could be $80k to $100k a year plus benefits to be busy only part of the time? You can have a tech on demand with an IT consultant, & save big while still meeting all your tech needs.

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Stranded at Sea!

Of course, we all know that technology always works perfectly and never has any problems! Not! As much as we wish that was true we know it’s not the case, and therefore being able to get help to resolve an issue quickly and efficiently is critical to being successful and keeping downtime to a minimum.  British Airways recently found this out the hard way, discovering that the cost for outsourcing their IT Support was much higher than they expected.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent disaster shutdown of B.A. as a result of a systems crash. What kept them down for so long? Inefficient and inaccessible support. They saved money upfront by relocating tech support jobs from the U.K. to India, but it cost them dearly in the end.

When you sign up for IT services and products, always do due diligence to find out where the support is based and if there is a service level agreement regarding response time and resolution.  For another example, take a look at Microsoft Office 365. If you purchase your 365 license direct from Microsoft on their website with your credit card, your support will come from their India based call center. There is, outrageously, no guarantee of response time or resolution. You might wonder what you’re actually paying for! However, if you purchase 365 from a Certified Service Partner (CSP) like Mannassi IT Solutions, you are more likely to get US based support with an SLA.

Ask yourself, is the extra dollar a month worth getting quality support with an SLA? Do you really want to roll the dice, and gamble with your company’s reputation by running the risk of an extended outage? British Airways did just that and ended up cold.

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