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Naughty and Nice

We are currently attending the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in support of one of our clients, Penthouse Global Media. Online adult entertainment has been around since the earliest days of the internet, and while some still consider it the seedy side of the web, the reality is that online adult entertainment is a booming and profitable industry.

The technology required to run, maintain, and secure these sites is some of the most powerful and complicated around.  Massive server farms, content delivery networks, rendering applications, and enormous amounts of bandwidth are required to deliver a quality product on a daily basis.  With the constant demand for higher definition video, virtual reality, and instant delivery, today’s technology is pushed to its limits. Watching the end product may be culturally frowned upon, but the tech powering it is second to none. Businesses can learn a lot from how these complicated tools work together to deliver the sought-after streamlined user experience. There’s always something to be learned from a big business model, even in the most unlikely of places!

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