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Head in the Clouds
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Cloud is not only a game changer for giant companies like Netflix. Because of the huge variety of Cloud “As A Service” offerings, even small startup production companies can play in the same sandbox, without an equally epic capital expenditure. 

Cloud’s unique ability to allow you to pay on demand means that costs are only incurred while work is actually being executed. Plus, as the cloud infrastructure matures (and competition increases) prices are driven down, which is only good news for the consumer, especially in terms of budget for storage and bandwidth. Cloud is also reaching a wider audience with new technology now able to deliver to everything from smart TVs to phones, tablets, and computers.  

Every facet of the entertainment industry has benefited from the recent updates in cloud technology. Recently we attended the AVN Show in Las Vegas, and the new developments providing the ability to host thousands of webcams simultaneously has become extremely affordable, and more importantly profitable. Cloud based content delivery networks are more sophisticated and faster than ever, and available for a fraction of the price. Cloud has brought a quantum shift for the entertainment industry over the last 5 years, the next 5 will only bring more innovation.