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The IT Elves are at Work!

We all look forward to the holidays and with them the chance to take some days off and relax. This time of year, however, can be a busy time for IT departments. While your staff is at home with their families & their favorite Netflix shows it’s the perfect time for your IT crew to perform upgrades and maintenance with the least inconvenience to you and your workforce!

Another bonus of the holiday quiet time is that often IT budgets are closed on December 31st so it can be a good time to use those remaining dollars on needed upgrades. Plus, with fewer staff in the office the more mundane tech tasks—from inventory to asset management to the exceptionally dull task of documentation—can be addressed with minimal interruptions

Have a thought for you IT crew this holiday season, maybe gift them an extra energy drink or two, because while you’re at home watching Die Hard (the best Christmas movie ever), they’re hard at work building you a better IT network!

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