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No Smoke Without Fire

As of January 1st, California became the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana. With legalization spreading across the country, there have been a slew of new companies applying for licenses and permits to sell and grow marijuana. If you’ve got a plan to launch a new business in the fast-growing marijuana sector don’t forget to fortify your security. For too many new businesses security becomes a second thought until it’s too late.

Pot is, after all, a very valuable commodity. That combined with the fact that marijuana is still federally illegal, meaning financial institutions are not allowed to do business with these new dispensaries, and stores frequently have large stores of cash on hand. A comprehensive security strategy for both your data, and your physical location is a must to keep your investment safe.

It’s more than just your cash deposit and product that needs protection too. The client and patient data of your customers also needs to be protected. You’ll need a security plan that encompasses your digital environment as well as your actual physical business.

We’re experts at building affordable security systems that meet any business’s needs. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you’ve got any questions about how you can better protect your budding business.

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