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Stranded at Sea!

Of course, we all know that technology always works perfectly and never has any problems! Not! As much as we wish that was true we know it’s not the case, and therefore being able to get help to resolve an issue quickly and efficiently is critical to being successful and keeping downtime to a minimum.  British Airways recently found this out the hard way, discovering that the cost for outsourcing their IT Support was much higher than they expected.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent disaster shutdown of B.A. as a result of a systems crash. What kept them down for so long? Inefficient and inaccessible support. They saved money upfront by relocating tech support jobs from the U.K. to India, but it cost them dearly in the end.

When you sign up for IT services and products, always do due diligence to find out where the support is based and if there is a service level agreement regarding response time and resolution.  For another example, take a look at Microsoft Office 365. If you purchase your 365 license direct from Microsoft on their website with your credit card, your support will come from their India based call center. There is, outrageously, no guarantee of response time or resolution. You might wonder what you’re actually paying for! However, if you purchase 365 from a Certified Service Partner (CSP) like Mannassi IT Solutions, you are more likely to get US based support with an SLA.

Ask yourself, is the extra dollar a month worth getting quality support with an SLA? Do you really want to roll the dice, and gamble with your company’s reputation by running the risk of an extended outage? British Airways did just that and ended up cold.

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You can run but you can't hide!

Microsoft is getting serious about licensing.

A few years ago Microsoft discontinued the sale of Microsoft Office as a ‘boxed product’. That means there are no more jewel cases with that yellow product key inside. We all remember having a stack of those cases on the shelf, trying our best to track which license was installed on which system (and usually failing). This normally meant you would be out of license compliance for the licenses you owned and installed.  I’m sure we all remember the days of passing around those jewel cases to get the most “bang” for our buck by installing Office on multiple computers. But along came open licensing, and life got easier. There were now just one set of media and one activation key, but still the same problem of license tracking.

Now Microsoft has moved to subscription based licensing, and the ability to manage has become infinitely easier because the cloud manages the number of installs you are allowed. However, there are still many other Microsoft operating systems and applications that are not cloud managed, and business are out in the wild using software they have not paid for. Microsoft is seeking to snuff out this unauthorized use and is on a mission to catch these companies.

To that end, Microsoft is now engaging in random licensing audits. Just like the IRS, Microsoft randomly requests information regarding the licensing of your software. In the past few months many of our clients and other business we know have been hit with these audits from Microsoft, a failure to report and comply can mean legal action, and for blatant abuses criminal proceedings with very large fines and possible jail time for executives!

If you have been hit with a Microsoft audit and don’t know how to handle it, give us a call. We can be a tech liaison between you and Microsoft, smoothing out the bumps and making sure you have all the licenses you need to keep you complaint and out of the courthouse!

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