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Tech Mergers and Acquisitions

In one week, two of our key vendors announced major acquisitions!

Telarus, our master agent for voice data and cloud solutions, acquired another Utah based master agent CarrierSales. From a customer standpoint, this means several things:

  • Increased support with industry veterans.
  • Contact center expertise and providers (InContact, Five9, and more).
  • Mobility expertise and providers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint).
  • Direct access to every major ILEC at top-tier commission (AT&T, Verizon).
  • Diamond-level support with CenturyLink.
  • Access to cloud compute and cyber security engineers.

We will also have access to new providers such as: Cox, AT&T (direct), Verizon (direct), Bullseye, Fuze, Netfortris, CallTower, Intelispper, PGi, Sprint, and more. So, your options are about to expand exponentially!

Also last week Autotask, the platform we use to manage our ticket system, announced that it has acquired Datto; a world-renowned company providing solutions in business continuity, backup, disaster recovery, networking, etc. We are excited about being able to access this new range of products, and that it will now be part of the Mannassi IT Solutions managed products portfolio!

Sometimes acquisitions can sound a little scary, but they can end in much higher quality of service, and a wider range of options for you and your business.

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