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Virtually Real

Virtual Reality has already permeated the gaming world, but for business applications we are just now on the edge of possibility. Automotive, healthcare, tourism, architecture, military, retail, education, film and entertainment are all areas where VR is setting up to be a game changer.

Now is a good time to sit down and think long and hard about your business and where virtual reality may fit into it, either now or in the future. It’s not just for giant companies anymore! At the CES 2018 in Las Vegas VR was presented as the most dynamic and game changing business application since the personal computer.

Virtual Reality will advance the power of computing, making video and graphics more accessible, at lower price points and faster speeds than previously available. You won’t need to be a big business in order to reap the benefits of the developments. Time to hang on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride even here in the “real” world.

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Tech Trends for 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, most of us start looking forward to what 2018 holds in store for us tech obsessed. So, what’s on its way to the top in 2018?

In the future, we’ll need to make smarter decisions more quickly, and that means bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into mainstream business practices. Customized machine-learning systems that can target a specific job using algorithms that are optimized the task are the next tech wave. A perfect example is the new driverless vehicles we’re seeing just beginning to pop up.

With the rise of AI apps will need to be more intelligent, so we should all be asking software and app vendors about the artificial intelligence strategy for their products.  AI will bring business analytics to a new level and ultimately enhance user experience. Look for AI to become pervasive in everyday life as well, we are already seeing vacuum robots that maneuver around your home and lawn mowers that cut just the grass and not your prize roses.

Also look for Virtual Reality (VR) to become more common in business. With VR you’re no longer limited to one or two monitors on your desk, but instead can have an almost limitless display that you can manipulate with the swipe of your hand in the air. All signs point to 2018 being an exciting year for technology and business, but it’s going to be a wild and bumpy ride, with new developments coming so quickly. Make sure you hang on tight!

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