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Cable Internet

Not just for TV.

Cable Internet

From its humble origins as a residential and small business service for TV signals and internet cable providers have grown to include services for everyone from small to large enterprise businesses for needs much more inclusive than just TV. Now with a wide variation of products for every need, cable providers can offer internet access, internet transit and peering, domain name registration and hosting, voice services and phone features, and of course the original, TV.

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The good & the bad of cable internet


  • Connect to the internet without a phone line, keeping you secure.
  • Increased speed from DSL, satellite, or dial-up options.


  • Despite its speed, cable is still significantly slower than fiber internet.
  • Dependent upon the number of users on the network and in the local area, cable can become congested and slow down traffic.
  • Contstruction fees, connection fees, and availability can also be issues. Consider all these when determining your internet needs.