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Cloud Solutions

The cloud is here and it's changing how business is conducted. Explore cloud solutions to reduce cost and increase accessibility.


Cloud Security
Cloud services are not a fad that's going to go away anytime soon. It is a flexible, real solution enabling businesses of all sizes to lower costs while increasing efficiency. 

Cloud Backup
Otherwise known as Remote Data Backup, cloud backup is a tool used by companies ranging from enterprise class to small businesses to ensure their data and other electronic files are backed up regularly. Kept offsite in a cloud based or physical data center, this backup solution is also known as Disaster Recovery as a Service or a managed backup.

Virtual Servers
Allowing you to save a substantial amount of money by leasing virtual space in a data center and partitioning that space. Virtual serves are easy to setup and easy to modify, saving you time and money.

Safeguard your business data by using the servers and networking equipment in an off-site data center. Simplify and get access to better redundancy with multi-supplier solutions and 24/7 access.

Desktop Virtualization
VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure allows hosts to use their desktop on a range of resources. End users can access their desktops from wherever they are, allowing them to have the same experience at home, in the office, or on the go.

Google Apps for Business
Get the power of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and all the benefits of Google aps brought together in a package for Google Business. A great option for small to medium sized businesses who want a cloud experience.

Managed Firewall
An add-on remote and cloud service for your firewall, to make sure no one gets through your first layer of defense.

Business Continuity
No matter how good your telecommunications system, it will  eventually require downtime. Before you get there, it's important to discuss business continuity options so your business doesn't suffer during this inevitable gap.

Disaster Recovery
More than just having data backup, disaster recovery is a plan of action for how you will restore and integrate your data back into your working systems while minimizing the negative effects on your business.