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To keep business data secure many companies are moving their servers and networking equipment to a data center. Facilitating streamlined disaster recovery and redundancy, data centers save you the trouble and cost of multiple circuits and outlets going out of your building.


Why CoLocation and Who Needs it?

We know it can be difficult to give up your ability to simply run down the hall to check on your servers, but the pain of managing servers on premises outweighs the benefits. IT management and infrastructure costs are quite steep, and can be drastically decreased by colocation. Plus, storing your valuable assets in a remote location separate from your offices reduces the risks of outages and even natural disasters affecting your business continuity. Protecting your data can come at a great cost and is easy to overlook until a breach occurs. With colocation, your data center will normally offer several layers of security and protection that you wouldn't be able to easily duplicate on premises.

Benefits of CoLocation

There's a long list of benefits for switching to a data center, these are just a few. Contact us to talk about how colocation can assist in your specific business needs.

  • Power cooling
  • Redundant electricity solutions (uninterrupted power)
  • Multiple carrier environments
  • Reliability and uptime
  • Affordable bandwidth
  • Managed colocation and local support
  • Advanced protection and security
  • Business continuity