Mannassi IT Solutions

HIPAA Compliance

Taking the headache out of HIPAA.


Services offered by Mannassi IT Solutions:

  • Active IPS firewall
  • Verified anti-virus
  • Verified patching
  • Verified SPAM filtering
  • Recurring risk analysis
  • Compliant services
  • Client compliant assist
  • Ongoing security service
  • Evidence for audits & investigations
  • Management reporting

Is your technology HIPAA compliant?

Data breaches and failing to comply with complicated HIPAA regulations can cost millions of dollars in fines. Make sure you're compliant with a risk assessment from Mannassi IT Solutions.
A 2016 report on data breaches showed an average cost of $221 per compromised record across all industries, and $402 per medical record.
This means a single breach of only 10,000 records could cost 2-4 million dollars in fines!

    Ongoing services vs. one-time risk analysis:

    HIPAA compliance is not a one-shot vaccination. A single risk analysis identifies problems and recommends remediation but then leaves you hanging. Have the problems been addressed? Have there been any recent changes in regulations? Do you have the evidence to show to an auditor or data breach investigator?

    HIPAA is an ongoing compliance challenge. To make sure you don't get caught in the cold you need ongoing compliance services.